Quotex Review – Online Trading App

Quotex Trading Platform – Quotex Introduction

Quotex is a Trading brand new platform that was founded in 2020 that accepts traders to take advantage of the market to trade multiple assets such as Binary Options Brokers, Commodities, Cryptocurrencies, and Indices, this broker is owned by Awesomo LTD with the following Address: Suite 1, Second Floor, Sound Vision House, Francis Rachel Str., Victoria, Mahe, Seychelles ID: 221042. Start your trading with Quotex Trading Platform.

Since the beginning of the year, this trading broker has grown, with over 4 million traders worldwide and over 100,000 trades recorded every day! Quotex accepts traders exactly from more than 249 countries that means from worldwide without any country restrictions. However, this broker is not available for persons under 18 years of age.

Quotex is based on Seychelles and regulated by IFMRRC (International Financial Market Relations Center).

Quotex Trading Platform – Why choose Quotex?

This trading platform claims to be more than a project provided to users or traders. Their objective transcends, as they have advanced financial instruments to develop their financial and business skills as many people as possible.

Quotex trading
  • High Payouts
  • No deposit or withdrawal fee
  • Free Demo Account available
  • Diversified trading products
  • Low Minimum Deposit

When you invest in Quotex Brokers, you can choose from over 400 assets available for digital Trading

  • Currencies: You can select more than 40 currency types.
  • Cryptocurrencies: The leading cryptocurrencies that lead the market: Ethereum, Bitcoin, Ripple, and Litecoin.
  • Indices: SP500, Dow Jones, and other leading exchanges.
  • Raw materials and precious metals: gold, Oil, silver, etc.

With Quotex Broker, you will get one of the highest payouts in the industry, earning up to 95%, after trading in Quotex Binary Trading with positive results.

So far, Online Quotex binary trading is only short-term, at least one minute to four hours. This is like other brokers because they offer the right time. However, the company is working to provide more enhanced operations to be more competitive and one of the first user options.

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quotex trading platform

Quotex Trading Platform

When it comes to platforms, in my honest opinion, Quotex leads the most responsive, user-friendly, well-organized, and fastest platform I’ve tried/traded since my trading experience!

The platform is easy to understand because everything is clear and neat in front of the trader; Firstly, the platform is based on a web application, so no download is required. Secondly, it is fully customizable to your taste and finally, easy access; to every feature with one-click!

Quotex trading platform

How does it work?

Pretty Simple, to kick start your online Trading with quotex, you only need to follow down below step-by-step guide:

  • Signup at Quotex Here.
  • Select your free Demo Account or Live Account.
  • Select your favorite trading asset.
  • Make your technical analysis using your Quotex tools.
  • Predict the next move of the price “UP” or “DOWN” Direction
  • Select your desired amount.
  • Take your Trade.

Quotex Trading Platform – Charting

The chart option is the crucial thing where operations and deals are set, first, and as we have said, Quotex Broker is the only and unique broker that owns a fast chart and good server so that deals can be made on it without any delay. Including such charting tools:

  • Drawing Tools: Quotex owns more than 20 drawing tools to help each trader analyze the market with fast deployment on the chart!
  • Candlesticks Timeframes: This trading broker can go from 5 secondes candlesticks body up to 1 day candlesticks body
  • Chart Types: This platform put for everyone the ability to change the chart to any of the following types as “AREA”, “Candlesticks,” “Bars,” and finally “Heiken-Ashi.”
  • Technical Indicators: Over 20 indicators are ready to be used for your trades, including the most famous indicators such as “RSI,” “Stochastic Oscillator,” “CCI,” and more to discover.

Trading Box Information

In the Quotex Trading App, we have the advantage of Trading through technical analysis and we have created general information about this box below! Note that this information is based on a single trade.

Quotex Local Deposit Philippines

Withdrawal and Deposits

Quotex is a trading platform that accepts a minimum of $ 10. They have two investment accounts: a Free Demo account and a live account. You can cash in using WebMoney, QIWI, Skrill, and Yandex. These are the same methods that you will use to withdraw money.

Quotex Binary Options allows depositors and withdrawals through multiple methods depending on each country, including the most popular and used payment methods through brokers: bank card, cryptocurrency, e-wallet and wire transfer!

However, to access the deposit section, you must click on “+Deposit” on the main interface of the quotex platform, then you choose your online payment gateway. On the other hand, you can only withdraw via the online deposit method used for withdrawal.

Funding General Information

Note: Before making any withdrawal, we suggest verifying your account information and using correct personal data to avoid conflict afterward.

Quotex Trading Platform – Quotex Demo account

If you do not know well how to use the platform, QUOTEX offers a unique service called DEMO ACCOUNT.

The Demo Account is a completely demo account, which allows the user to develop online trading skills and experiment a little with the asset they really want to choose.

It is the perfect way to polish your knowledge, ideal for both new and experienced traders who really want to increase their professional level in the area.

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The Free Demo Account offers an imaginary balance equivalent to $10,000 as proof. After rehearsing with the Free Demo Account, you switch to using a Real Account to practice everything you have learned.

The final results will surprise you. You really want to know how to open a Quotex trading account.

Quotex Trading Platform – How to open a Quotex trading account

Accessing Quotex is very easy. Here is how to open a Quotex trading account:

Once you choose the Registration option, you must provide the following data:

  • Your First and last name.
  • An updated email.
  • Phone number, including international code.
  • Custom password to log into the trading system. It should be highly complex. Ideally, use lowercase, uppercase, and other special characters.

After filling all the questionnaires, you must select how to deposit into the Online Trading account.

How to set up your Quotex account?

After registering, you can sign in to your trading account with your username and password. Once you are inside the trading platform, you must select:

Asset: The percentage of return on investment is up to 97% when winning the trade.

Investment Amount: The capital you want to invest in the market position.

Operation duration: This ranges from 1 minute up to a maximum of 4 hours.

Up or down: Depending on the direction in which the asset price moves in the chosen time frame.

After selecting the asset, the trading platform displays a live behavior, where you can see the data on different graphs of the asset in an understood time ranging from five seconds to 24 hours.

Account Verification

It is required for traders that are using this broker to verify their identity using a passport or driver’s license or (NID) national identity card (Latin words) to avoid conflicts and problems while making withdrawals!

Using your bank card will require verifying your card ownership (routine check known as fraud checking) for more security for the members/traders using the quotex platform!

Quotex account type

Account Types

Quotex provides a free $ 10,000 virtual fund for practice with a demo account and a live account for each trader who signs up by default; In addition, this platform overcomes adversity and maintains 3 account levels for each trader as below:

  • VIP Account: +4% on all available assets
  • Basic Account: Basic Payout up to 88% in all available assets
  • PRO Account: +2% on all available assets


When it comes to bonuses, quotex is leading brokers who allow traders to benefit from various bonuses and this is an advantage that quotex has! So to activate a bonus system! You can benefit from a welcome bonus here to get 30% on your first deposit

Quotex App Features

Once we talk about features! Do we talk about what can this broker give you as additional as the other brokers? Well Quotex is making binary options trading easier with its features such as:

  • Pair Information: First, Reading the pieces of information concerning the asset before starting your Trading is an obligation that each broker needs to view! For Example, Let’s take AUD/JPY (OTC) as our trading pair!
  • Trading Signals: A trading signal is not a direct instruction to start trade but an analyst recommendation. Quotex provides the best quality trading signals for the available instruments. However, we can’t use these signals as our primary entry as it does not replace our technical analysis
  • Exchange Form: This trading platform uses a fantastic feature to allow traders to switch their main currency anytime to another one within a few clicks without any exchange fees! In my honest opinion, this feature has never been used by other brokers!

Costumer’s reviews

This seems like an excellent option for starting digital Trading. Customer reviews are varied, but most are very satisfied with the results

Quotex reviews show that this trading platform is easy to use and offers virtually no risk to its customers. In addition, this broker can trade without any hassle by choosing a demo account.

Quotex has a demo account to develop new financial and business skills. This demo account lets you discuss real-time real-time results with real-time interactions.

You will be able to trade this way without much capital, so that you can reduce the risk and feel safe. This is a major advantage because, with only 10 USD, you can trade in different currencies.

Quotex Trading Platform – Support Team

The broker offer traders multiple customer support service. However it comes as live chat, email address and phone calls. The agents are online 24/7 hour with immediate response.

  1. dealing@quotex.io
  2. Trading operations questions
  3. financial@quotex.io
  4. Financial issues
  5. support@quotex.io
  6. Technical support

Note: Sometimes support agents are overwhelmed by traders tickets and queues and take some time to answer your questions.

Is Quotex Regulated and Safe for Traders?

Quotex Broker is legitimate and regulated because it operates under extraordinary. Because regulated by Awesomo Limited IFMRRC (License number TSRF RU 0395 AA V0161). However, their platform address is verified with the exact location. So there is no need to be afraid of broker control.


Quotex is a binary options trading platform also known as a digital options trading platform with a fast, responsive, and user-friendly interface without the limitations of any country that can adapt to every trade with the possibility to customize every part of the chart. Drawing and indexing tools and provide inspiration! I found this broker that there is a good chance to try and stick with it!